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Current Member Range Orientation Information and dates

In late 2023, we created a Range Safety Orientation session, which as of Jan 2024 has been blended with our existing "New Member Orientation" which we have been providing for a couple of years.


We found that the New Member Orientation, while being very thorough with our history and operating structure seemed to lack the "how to" portion of participating in our Association activities.

We have a diversity of activities and user groups. We have tried to incorporate as many aspects of participating in the Association as we can into these presentations.


These sessions are continually evolving and we appreciate new and existing user feedback on items that you believe are missing or can be of value to potential new members.   We limit each session to 20 participants to ensure that we can be done in a timely manner.

Each session is 100% volunteer run that are taking time out of their days to help make our club better for all users. IF you cannot make a session, please cancel 48 hours in advance so that we can try to fill your spot.

These are not "mandatory" for existing club members at this point. However as all new members must take this session and there have been a number of policy changes in the last few years, we strongly encourage existing members to participate and come up to speed on many of these topics.

Format is 45-60 Mins presentation, then 30-45 mins physical tour of indoor range and 25/100 yard ranges to review safety / usage protocols.

For current members only  - these are the registration links below for upcoming Range Safety Events.  For potential NEW members, please see our "How to Join" page here: CLICK


If you are unable to secure a spot, it's because that date is full. Please select an alternate date.


Sunday February 25th - CLICK HERE (5 spots left as of Feb 21)

Sunday March 3rd  - CLICK HERE (19 spots available)

Thursday March 14th - CLICK HERE (NEW - 20 spots available)

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