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Membership Information

Effective Nov 1 2023 - Memberships now run for one year from join, rejoin or renewal date.


Read and understand the following information:

Memberships run for one year from joining, rejoining or renewing. Fees are not prorated over the year. The type of membership cannot be changed to another type (for instance from Senior or Regular to Family) once the membership application has been processed.


Be sure that you have decided what type of membership is best for you. If you are the only person to use the facilities of the Association, then a Regular or Senior membership would be appropriate where your spouse, if any, would be considered to be your guest and as such must be accompanied by you or another member while on the property.  If your spouse will be using the facilities of the Association on his or her own, then a Family Membership is needed. Dependent Children under 18 years are included under all adult membership types but they must be under the direct supervision of you or another adult member while on Association property. If there are any questions at all, call or email the office or the Membership Chair before applying.



Read the following instructions very carefully


The PROCEDURE for making application to join the Courtenay and District Fish and Game Protective Association is as follows and the steps must be completed in the order shown.


As our club is uniquely diverse with our activity options, the process varies depending on what facilities that you wish to use at the association.


A) ALL new applicants must Complete the "New Member Orientation" program, which is an overview of the clubs history and operating model. (Board / Committees / Goverence etc.) 

Orientation sessions are held once per month in the main hall which is located at the club.

You MUST email to pre register. The main gate will be open for the sessions.

     i.  If the application is for a family membership it is best, if possible, that the spouse/partner attend as well. Dependent children are welcome. Dependents who are 18 years of age or older must take out their own membership.

    ii.  Orientation Session dates are held once per month and are published under the title of ‘Membership Orientation’ on the Club Calendar which can be found on the website.

After this approximately 45 minute session, we break so that participants can visit with representatives who will be present,  from many of the disciplines that are offered at the Association if they wish detailed information on how to participate in different activities. 

B) IF you are planning on using any of the ranges on the property (archery / pistol / rifle / shotgun) you are then required to participate in the Range Orientation Session that will immediately follow.  This session is approximately 40 minutes in lecture and 30 mins in physical touring of our indoor, 25 and 100 yard ranges to review the policies and procedures.  Your attendance will be noted on our Orientation sheet and will be matched with any membership applications that come in. 

C) Once the Orientation process has been completed the applicant will be provided a link to access the online Membership Application form.

D) The online application process includes completion of the application forms and making payment for the applicable membership fees and for the cost of the gate keys.

 i.       All new memberships will have their cards and keys mailed to them.
ii.       Renewals are encouraged to have their stickers or replacement cards mailed to them as well.

D) Once all of the foregoing steps are completed and you have received your credentials, you will have full access to the club facilities.



If you were a member in the past three years,
Please log in to your account and RENEW your 2023 membership. Either by clicking the hyperlink or following the Member Login button at top of page.

If you are unable to log in to your CDFGPA account but know that you were a member in the recent past please contact the Membership Chair or the office for assistance.

Email: or phone: 250-334-1569 or or phone: 250-338-0850

DO NOT apply for a NEW MEMBERSHIP if your membership was active within the past 3 calendar years. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE contact the Membership Chair or the Office for assistance

Please be advised that if you do not renew your membership before its expiry date, , you will be considered a non-member.  There is no grace period, however you will be able to rejoin. . When you re-join, you will not need to attend an New Member Orientation Session, however if discharging firearms or using the archery facilities, we will require that you attend a Range Safety Orientation within 60 days and your will also be subject to the 3-month waiting period for voting privileges.

New Member Only Sign Up after orientation click here

2024 Membership Rate Schedule

Single Membership, including BCWF fee/insurance   $230

Family Membership, including BCWF fee/insurance   $315
(One spouse)

Senior (Single)  Membership, including BCWF fee/insurance   $200

Junior Membership, including BCWF fee/insurance    $75

For seniors wishing spousal access , you will require a Family Membership.

All membership fees are non-refundable

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