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Volunteer Opportunities

We're looking for foodies!

The Kitchen is always in need of happy helpers to assist with preparation of food, selling food tickets, serving up plates, BBQ grillers, pancake flippers, etc.

Are you in?

Please email

Do you have FoodSafe BC? Let us know!

Annual Events we need help with:

Gun Show - fall and spring dates

Antique Car Show - May

June 1, 2024 - Open House / National Range Day

Family Picnic & Kids' Fishing Derby - June 

There are always volunteer opportunities at our Social Events. There are lots of activities, and many people visiting our facilities. Be a part of this wonderful party!


B.C. Family Fishing weekend is always a big hit! The smiles are certainly bigger than most of the trout from our stocked pond!

We can always use help with baiting hooks, casting, and cleaning the fish that are caught! It's lots of fun, and no real experience is needed to help our guests.

We are always happy to assist other like-minded organizations such as the Western Canada Marine Response people by offering areas on the property to train.

The Annual Spring Cleanup sees us clean up Association property and head out on the various roads from our property into Courtenay.

Our volunteers, along with support from Edgett Excavating Ltd., pick up thousands of kilos of discarded furniture, construction debris, and other waste dumped on the side of the road and deliver it to the Waste Management Centre who kindly waive the tipping fees.

It’s a sight to see when a couple of thousand trout are delivered and put into our pond.  These fish are used for our community events such as the Outdoor Recreation show, the Fishing Forever Program, and the BC Family Fishing Weekend.

The Fishing Forever Program provides an opportunity for seniors and physically or mentally challenged to fish for trout and take them home for supper!

It’s another satisfying experience for club volunteers to work with the community as well. The smiles we receive are simply a thing of wonder!

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